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Business philosophy: innovation and development, harmony and win-win;


Innovation is the soul of the company and the eternal driving force of career development.
In the era dominated by the Internet economy, all technologies, design and development concepts are updated very quickly. If commercial kitchen equipment enterprises stop learning and innovation, they will be eliminated by the times, and the old tickets can not board the new passenger ships. Only by unremitting learning and innovation, can they develop for a long time.

Development is the last word


Strengthen the core business, quickly lay out the market offline, create famous brands at home and abroad, and become a benchmark enterprise in the commercial kitchenware industry. Many commercial kitchen equipment enterprises are racking their brains in order to retain talents, expand customer groups, and solve internal and external contradictions. In fact, to return to the essence, development is the absolute principle. Only growth can cover up the contradictions, and only development and long-term benefits for employees and customers can easily retain talents and customers, so there is no need to tangle and roll up their sleeves!

Harmony is the humanistic view of catering artists


The basic elements of building a harmonious catering art are to cultivate the humanistic view of catering art of loyalty, fraternity, cooperation and well-being, so that enterprises and employees can achieve the best state together.
Win win: Catering artists' values. The business philosophy and strategy for the survival and development of catering science and technology run through the whole process of catering science and technology development, and share enterprise achievements with stakeholders and society to achieve long-term maximum win-win.

Corporate vision:

Build a well-known brand of intelligent cooking utensils at home and abroad, develop in multiple dimensions online and offline, and become a benchmark enterprise of high-tech innovative commercial kitchen utensils;

The strategic thinking of the enterprise is as follows

With excellent team quality, excellent cultural quality, excellent product quality and excellent service quality, the company improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and creates safe, green, healthy, efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly kitchenware. With excellent quality and high-quality service, the company makes customers feel at ease to buy and use without any worries. Quickly expand the domestic and foreign markets, and strive to become the benchmark of the industry as early as possible.

Enterprise spirit:

Innovation, honesty, pragmatism, dedication and efficiency

Business policy:

With the market as the guide, products and sales as the leader, brand quality and service as the support, and innovative technology research and development as the basis, online and offline synchronous development.


Enterprise tenet: grow together, share success!

We grow up together with our employees, meet their pursuit of ideal goals, reflect their self-worth and seek benefits for them - create opportunities and wealth for them.
We grow up with our customers and share with them the joy of asset appreciation - creating value for our customers
Partners grow together, resource sharing, complementary advantages, strong alliance, build brilliance, mutual benefit and win-win!
We grow up with the society, promote the progress and development of the industry, promote the national economic development, revitalize the national scientific and technological progress - create benefits for the society and benefit the people!


Social responsibility:

To cultivate high-quality talents for the development of enterprises, to create good development opportunities for employees, to try to reduce the employment pressure for the country; to provide customers with green, healthy, safe, environmental protection, satisfactory kitchenware, to promote the rapid and healthy development of the kitchenware industry;

Company code of conduct:

Be honest and respect each other
Pay attention to public morality and abide by the law
Effective communication, understanding and cooperation
Active cooperation and team spirit
Solve problems, dare to make decisions
Innovation and responsibility
Rigorous and realistic, professional spirit
Self management, professional ethics
Customer first, quality first


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