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Foshan Shanyi Technology Co., Ltd.

It is a new and dynamic enterprise of advanced intelligent cooking equipment, focusing on intelligent cooking equipment solutions. Over the years, we have been intensively working on the market of commercial intelligent cooking equipment, making intelligent cooking equipment popular among major enterprises, units, hotels, and small restaurants, covering all administrative counties and towns across the country. Only if there is a catering, there are kitchen utensils for our cooking skills. Let the cooking equipment of Shanyi completely free the hands of the chef, reduce the cost of cooking, and let the people enjoy the convenience brought by advanced intelligent technology. While developing, we also let our company and customers grow and progress together and benefit together!

At present, we must work hard to open up store outlets in major provinces and cities across the country. First, we will focus on deployment in major first- and second-tier cities, establish a comprehensive store network, service network and other systems, and develop steadily and rapidly. The market must also be intensively cultivated, focusing on the key points, establishing a model, requiring quality, and then copying, so as to thoroughly cultivate the market in each place. Secondly, our company has strong guarantees in the professional sales, service attitude, logistics and delivery, and integrity of commercial intelligent cooking equipment. The sales outlets selected by the restaurant must have good capital operations, strong network construction capabilities, and business reputation. High qualifications.



Foshan Shanyi Technology Co., Ltd.

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Fax: 400-889-0053
Company Address: Shunde District Lunjiao Subdistrict Jie Dao Xia Shi Cun Yang da Lu Xia Shi Duan No



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